Flower Poi Collection

Flower poi is a hybrid juggling art that blends poi spinning and juggling for stunning displays. Weighted objects like poi with tethers/strings are used to manipulate patterns; symmetrical circles like those of a flower in bloom.

Flower and Tassels are PU leather with 4mm -7mm or 10+mm polypropylene nylon diamond braided cord. Various other ropes available on some Flower Poi (Please inquire).

Handles are 3D printed or epoxy coated.

Epoxy size 33.5x17 mm 8g

TPU 3d print handle - small 31.5x18.5 mm 5g - Large 39.5x30mm 10g

LED 37.5x68.5mm 16g .. 22g(with led) (white or clear)

all handles have 2 - 18.6mm washers. 5g added weight

Customizing coming 2024

Durability and Style

Hippie sticks juggling is a dynamic and colorful art form, made possible by its durable carbon fiber shaft and handles. With vibrant graphics and a super grip coating, these sticks offer both style and functionality.

Easy to Learn

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned juggler, the smooth and reliable performance of these sticks enhances the experience, allowing you to focus on perfecting your flow and creating enchanting patterns in the air.

Fun Everywhere You Go

Hippie sticks Juggling promotes relaxation, improves coordination, and fosters a sense of self-expression and playfulness. Perfect for all ages and skill levels, it's a delightful way to explore the joy of movement and creativity anywhere.

Groove with Hippie Sticks: Harmony in Motion!

Video credit to Joe Janicki -Janicki Designs